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Time & Place Travel BLO[C]K

sorry we haven't posted anything since 1983.

We've visited the Oracle. Among other things she also told us "to look for the matter of life and death".

So we traveled to the Axxeis in the year 33. When we came into the cave, there was no one but a big fat bear (might be a reincarnation 😉). We had no choice but to try to run away from it. Seems, we were just killing time.

We've been on a trip into the dark woods near Ludlow. The weather was really wicked. It was a cold misty night and we froze to the bone. We were surrounded by the bright light of the full moon. Cold wind was blowing, all of the sudden the air became still and we could hear some strange noises.
Threatening scene!!
Paws started to act a bit odd since then. Hopefully it won't be grave, considering, that it lives on borrowed time. We still do feel like we are not alone. Something ain't right.

Due to the bloddy timestorm we met and, of course, flew into, we had to make an emergency landing. We ended up in the year 1960, somewhere around Fairvale. Now we're staying in a motel somewhere near the motorway. The receptionist is a really kind and friendly man. He lives with his mother, she sounds to us a little unsocial. He says she is ill. Poor woman!

Anyway it's Alice's funeral tomorrow, can't wait! Wish her luck and a great weather. After all, it's an important day in her life.
Maybe she won't be able to write for some time, now.


Valeria Werther Obšelová
XY. september 2020