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Hello Emily, 

I have a horrible experience which I need to tell you about.
I spent three days in New York with my family. The first day in a hotel, the following two at the police station.

We stayed in a hotel quite far from the city centre. It was uncrowded, the receptionist was very friendly and the accommodation was cheap. But it seemed to me like a very strange and unfriendly place. My parents wanted to stay there anyway, though.
There were long halls and the electricity didn’t always work well. I couldn’t fall asleep, and in the middle of the night I heard a squeak coming out the bathroom. So instead of sleeping, I watched the Ms. Massive Rat vs. Mr. Enormous Bug fight. It was really exciting! Guess who has won.

In the early morning there was another squeak, but it sounded more human and it was coming from the outside. I looked out the window.
Oh, Em.
There was a person in black clothes and balaclava! It stood beside a dead body holding its beheaded head in the air and there was blood everywhere! And then it looked up just in the window where I stood and it saw me there. It knew that I’ve seen what it has done! I was frightened. I stood paralysed in fear. I could only watch the person coming towards the hotel.
I tried to wake up my parents but it was impossible.
As I was looking for my phone I heard a slight knock on the door. I came nearer. I could smell the iron scent of fresh blood! And a voice said “I’m so sorry if I’ve stolen your sleep tonight, but don’t worry, you will catch some Z’s while sleeping with the fishes, soon.”
My legs felt like jelly. 

A few moments later, when I calmed down a bit, I called 911. Shortly afterwards the police arrived, but the death body had already disappeared. They interviewed me and launched an investigation, but they still think I’m lying. They said they didn’t find any blood outside or inside the hotel except the kitchen. Even my parents don’t want to believe me, they think I’ve just made this up to be interesting or that it was just a nightmare.
But I know what I know, and I know It wasn’t just a dream. 

Oh, Em, I don’t feel safe. I’m scared! 

Em, do you believe me?
How are your holidays going?

Best wishes, 


Werthee Obshell
20. 1. 2021